Oops I went on a bit of a spending spree….

Oh dear, I totally broke my shopping amnesty this weekend, oops. But in my defence I bought lots of things that I needed, (and some things that I didn’t!) so it wasn’t all unnecessary stuff! But it has got me thinking that perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so ridiculous and silly about this shopping malarkey. Maybe instead I should just be more sensible from now on and not get too carried away and quite so often!! Anyway so what did I buy, well here you go….

1. A brand new stripy snood. I had to pop to Primark to return something and whilst there I fell in love with this snuggly scarf. I was in dire need of a new scarf as I either have a super thick scarf that boils me alive or a really thin scarf that causes me to freeze, so I’m so thankful I found this. Not only is it the perfect thickness so I am nice and snuggly but it also wraps around my neck three times and isn’t too bulky under my coat – perfect! Plus it’s a gorgeous colour combination and has stripes, what more could I need!

2. A brand new phone, the iPhone 5 which I’m a little in love with, it’s so sleek and pretty and light and just perfect! I’ve been waiting to upgrade my phone for ages and it’s so good to finally have a phone with buttons that all work perfectly and that doesn’t need recharging every hour or so! The only issue is that I’m concerned about dropping it and breaking it, so I’m now on the lookout for a new phone case, has anyone seen one that’s nice and won’t break the bank? As my old sock is not really that stylish….

3. Um I’ve only gone and found my Christmas jumper, and it’s still 6 weeks until Christmas too, hooray! I’d heard rumours that Primark had some pretty spectacular Christmas jumpers so I knew I just had to check it out for myself as I haven’t had a Christmas jumper for ages and ages. Anyway once I got there I found this spectacular red Christmas pudding jumper, I think I’m in love with it! There were lots of other options – Snowman, turkey and presents – but I personally think my chosen jumper is the best one! It’s just a shame that I can’t yet wear it, unless maybe six weeks before Christmas isn’t too early?

4. Christmas Cake decorations. I picked up these cake sprinkles at the weekend and I can’t wait to try them out on some Christmas cupcakes. Aren’t they brilliant? What a perfect way of making cupcakes just a little bit Christmassy with minimal effort – I can almost taste the deliciousness of them!!

That’s quite a successful trip I think, although I fear it’s a little bit too Christmas themed for seven weeks prior to Christmas!!

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