Weekend lately

This weekend I’m back at my parents’ house in beautiful Surrey as it’s my mum’s birthday and my little sis is back from uni, so it’s been a fabulous weekend of family time, good food and serious relaxing! One thing I’ve noticed, by spending the last 24 hours in the relative countryside, is that the Autumn colours down here are far more spectacular than anything I’ve seen in London recently. I can’t get over  the sumptuous reds,glorious purples, bright greens, stunning yellows or warm orange hues that are on the leaves and bushes. It’s truly stunning. I feel like the last day or so has been in technicolor rather than muted browns and greens, like in London town. I think it’s to do with the vast number of different types of tree that grows here compared to the relativly small number in London. But whatever the reason the colours are absolutely stunning, and I only wish I was a better photographer as my picture has certainly not done the view justice.

Whilst back for the weekend I’ve consumed a horrendous amount of food, I’m surprised that I’ve not gained two stone whilst here, so far I’ve had a delicious Chinese – complete with a starter of prawn toasts, spring rolls, satay chicken, seaweed and deep fried prawns, duck pancakes, rice, lemon chicken, prawns in black bean AND not forgetting half a tonne of prawn crackers – afternoon tea, steak and chips, cupcakes and the most scrumptious hot chocolate brownie pudding. And it’s only Sunday morning. There’s still loads in store for me: roast dinner with bread sauce, stuffing, roast potatoes, etc, birthday cupcakes and a picnic at the RAH which will include Christmas sandwiches. Uh-oh!

But I think the best part about this weekends trip home has to be last night and sitting in front of the open fire just chatting, reading and watching tv with my family. It was just so relaxed, there’s nothing quite like being in front of the warm fire in a little bubble of warmth with your favourite people. It was bliss. It makes me wish we had an open fireplace in our flat in London, although its a flat so not very practical but it would be amazing!

Anyway I suppose I’d better move soon, or else I’ll spend the whole of Sunday in bed!

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