So, what have I been doing lately?

Last week I had the best week ever! I did so much stuff that I don’t even know where to start when it comes to sharing it with you, so as a line in my all time favourite film goes…let’s start at the very beginning, that’s a very good place to start!!

So last Monday I had the day off, hooray! So I had such great plans for my day off, I was going to be super organised, tick off so many jobs and even do a big Autumn clean…instead I sat on the sofa and went for half a run – oopsy! But on the plus side it was lovely to do nothing while knowing that everyone else was hard at work *evil cackle*. In the evening I headed to Kings Cross for a Tyler Hilton gig which was loads of fun! It was very weird to see him on stage only about 10 metres away from me after seeing him on TV on One Tree Hill for years, surreal indeed! But it was a fantastic gig, Tyler’s voice is brilliant and he played all my favourite songs, so I couldn’t have asked for much else!!

As you know last week was Halloween, now I’m not a big fan of this holiday, I think it’s probably because I never really celebrated it while growing up. So it’s hard to really get behind it now, when all I really see is the money making side of it. So instead of a big celebration we had friends round and cooked yummy food – sweet potato piled high with chicken tarragon and Halloween gingerbread biscuits. They were halloween biscuits as they were in the shape of tombstones, bats, pumpkins and cats! They were truly scrumptious and I think it was the perfect way to spend a Halloween evening I think – plus even better we weren’t accosted by too many trick or treaters!

On Thursday I achieved one of my long-held dreams, I finally went to see Les Miserables at the theatre and oh my goodness it totally lived up to my super-high expectations. It was phenomenal, the cast are fantastic. I can’t believe how amazing their voices, I mean some of the notes they hold and for that length of time – wow. Also the set was superb, I love when the set all fits together, and surprises you, which is what happened with this set. In particular in the barricade scene. Having never watched the musical before or listened to the music I was surprised by the number of songs that I knew already, obviously aside from I Dreamed a Dream. Strangely I didn’t find this as sad as I anticipated, in fact I found it strangely uplifting. I’m not sure it quite beats Wicked or Billy Elliot as my favourite musical though! This theatre trip all stemmed from watching the trailer for the brand new Les Miserables film, which made me super emotional even though I didn’t know the story. So if you’ve not watched it you must asap and then let’s start the countdown until January 10th 2013!

Our Diner leftovers!

I also paid another visit to the brilliant Diner on Shaftesbury Avenue, I love this place so much. Thankfully my cheese burger with mushrooms and sweet potato fries with a pot of BBQ sauce was just as good as usual. Although I couldn’t move properly all evening as I was so full. I think next time I’m going to have to have one of their vanilla milkshakes with a shot of peanut butter, as it’s so delicious. Alhtough how I’ll fit it in I’m just not sure!!

Finally to finish off my weekend Lau and I header out to lunch on Sunday at The Pepper Tree in Clapham, having never been there before I was very pleasantly surprised by the delicious and cheap food. If you’re ever in need of tasty chinese this is the palce to go. We had a veritable feast of prawn crackers, chicken satay, prawn toast, thai green curry and more, and it was all thoroughly delicious. I can’t recommend it highly enough! On our walk back home we stopped off at Starbucks and had our first Starbucks Red Cup drinks of the year – yippee!! That’s always the true sign that Christmas is on it’s way!! I went for their new Praline Mocha and oh my goodness it’s scrumptious, it was like melted Guylian chocolates, wow! I think it’s going to be tricky not to have one of these everyday!!

Happy Friday everyone. Fi xx

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