I’ve recently realised that my procrastination has gotten OUT OF CONTROL! It’s actually ridiculous how bad I am when it comes to doing something I either don’t want to do or think will be too difficult. Just recently I’ve put off a big huge thing for two weeks and then I’ve spent the last day or so scrabbling round like a crazy person sorting things out and it’s been mega stressful and I’ve not been sleeping properly because of it. Why did I think that as a good idea? I should have just started things earlier and turned it into much more manageable chunks as this has just been crazy and not pleasant AT ALL!

I wonder where this crazy habit I have comes from? I don’t think it’s my parents as they are both fairly good at just getting things done, I’ve never known them to really put important or big things off. Yeah my dad might not book flights or hotels for a long time but he’ll always do it in time. And they are both good at getting things done that they really don’t want to do. So where have I learnt this habit from, how have I become like this!

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a new habit, I’ve been like it for years. When at school I don’t think I ever finished an essay before the day it was due, I mean I only started writing my dissertation two weeks before it was due! And as for organising things I generally leave it as long as humanely possible or until someone else gets round to it. But I think I want this to change, I’m setting myself a November resolution: STOP PROCRASTINATING AND JUST DO IT! Hhm yes that sounds positive I can do that. I’m also going to set myself targets for things to achieve by the end of the month, that way I can look back on December 1st and see if I’m keeping my resolution – genius plan. So below is my list, lets see how well this non procrastinating November goes!
* Write CV (mine’s not been updated in 4 years!)
* Organise paperwork (Eurgh, worst job ever!)
* Cancel subscription to The Times (why did I think that was a good idea?!)
* Sort out my hellish shoe situation (I have four boxes under my bed of shoes that I NEVER wear – such a waste)

Wish me luck !
– Fi x

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