Christmas decoration love

My family is a bit taken by Christmas decorations, we have so many that we have to pack other items away so that we can find space for all the Christmas stuff to be out on display in December. One of the reasons we have so much stuff is that since my sisters and I were little our Mum has been buying us something every year, so now we each have a (Christmas themed) box full of items rather than just Mum’s stuff to contend with! So when you consider my history it’s not surprising that as I was browsing the web today, to find potential birthday presents for my Mum, I became slightly sidetracked by all the glorious Christmas decorations and accessories out there. I managed to stop myself from purchasing anything (at least for now), but I can’t help but share the following scrumptious things, just so everyone else can get in the Christmas spirit too!!

First off check out this cute crochet penguin decoration, how adorable is she! I love penguins, they’re one of the cutest creatures on earth, there’s just something about their cute waddle that just makes me smile whenever I see them! And this decoration is just perfect, to be honest it looks like it would be fairly easy to make, but as I’ve not yet attempted crochet I’m not sure I’ll be able to master it in time for Christmas. So I think instead I’ll treat myself to this as a pre-Christmas present as this cute scarf attired penguin would make the perfect addition to our tree this year!

Another vital item for this years tree will be these wooden reindeers from Zara, aren’t they just perfectly Christmassy? I have to admit I’m a sucker for traditional Christmas stuff, and you can’t get more traditional than these red and white reindeers. I’m not one for matching and colour coordinated decorations though so I’ll have to make do with just one set of four reindeers for the tree.

I’m not normally one to go in for Christmas decorations on my desk at work but I think I might have to make an exception this year, because I’m a little bit in love with this little wooden tree. It’s so simple, yet beautifully Christmassy all at the same time, it reminds me of why I love anything and everything from Muji. I love that the little icons include a gingerbread man, a blue and white striped candy cane and a stocking, although you can’t see the ones at the back I’m hoping there will be a tiny Father Christmas too. That would make this perfect in my eyes.

I love these more traditional baubles for the tree from John Lewis, the dotty star shapes all over them are brilliant. Maybe they are a tad to big for my small tree in the flat, but perfect for Mum and Dad’s six foot tall tree. Although I think I’d have to be careful that they didn’t get stolen by anyone else, as I can imagine a few people in my family being just as in love with them as I am!

Now I love paper cut items, so combining that obsession with my obsession for Christmas seems perfect so the final thing I want to buy this Christmas to decorate my flat is a few of these paper cut trees. Isn’t it stunning, I particularly love the red hearts in the middle of the tree. Four or five of these would certainly look perfect on my bookshelves over the festive period.

So those are a few of the things I’m lusting after at the moment, but I’m sure there will be many, many more items that I feel the need for before Christmas. Oh dear, it’s really not good that I’ve already found lots of Christmas things I want to buy when there’s still over 7 weeks to go. Imagine how much worse it’s going to be when it’s time to actually decorate the tree or when the shops have got all their Christmas stuff out too – I feel sorry for my poor credit card statement over the next few weeks!

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