Shopping exploits

Yesterday I went on a mini shopping spree, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything for a while. I don’t really have a reasoning for going on said spree apart from the fact that I have no warm clothes and am in severe need of some unless I want to freeze. So I suppose you could argue it was an essential trip. So what did I get?

1. A new coat – £25 from Primark. Hooray that I’ve managed to find a new coat, I’ve been searching for one for ages as my old ones sadly no longer fit. After trying on numerous coats I found THE ONE! It’s a navy coat with poppers and interesting silver detailing on the catches. It’s snugly and warm and the sleeves are a decent length, which is a coat bug-bear of mine. What’s even better is the price, so wonderfully cheap for a winter coat!

2. A snuggly turquoise jumper – £15 from H&M. Perfect teamed with jeans or a skirt, for work or for going out with friends. I know that this jumper is going to be my go-to item all autumn and Winter. As well as being wonderfully versatile it’s also a fantastic colour – I do love a bright colour. Perfect for cheering you up on a grey depressing Monday morning.

3. Warwick Way nail varnish – £11 from nails Inc. When buying my friend some magnetic nail varnish for her birthday I came across this gorgeous colour and couldn’t stop from treating myself. It was £11 which I do think was a bit much for one nail varnish but I do love the quality of nails inc. products, the polish always goes on perfectly too. Plus this colour was so amazing that I honestly just couldn’t resist!

4. Christmas Fair Isle Jumper – £25 from H&M. It’s very rare that I can say no to fair isle style knitwear and this gorgeous jumper was no exception. It’s beautiful and so snuggly, I know that it’ll be worn a lot over the coming weeks, in fact I think I’ll wear it to work next week, for it’s very first outing.

5. Gloves – £3.99 for two pairs. Over the last week or so the weather has really started to become wintry which I really felt when I went for a run yesterday morning. It was so cold I could barely feel my fingers therefore these gloves were a necessity. So while they might not look the nicest I really don’t care as long as my fingers stay warm and don’t fall off with frost bite!

Hopefully these lovely items will stave off the shopping bug for at least the next few weeks, although I saw so many other lovely items whilst I was shopping that I fear my willpower won’t last that long! Oh well, you only live once and isn’t that why I own a credit card?!

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