Let Christmas begin!

So I think it’s time I let you into a bit of a secret, I love Christmas, in fact I don’t just love it, I’m pretty much obsessed with Christmas. As soon as October begins and Autumn starts to appear the Christmas countdown kicks in. I’ve realised over the years that the build-up and anticipation of Christmas is the best bit about it, although I suppose this is inevitable really as no day could life up to the amount of hype that we heap on to it! I’m sure I’ll share all sorts of exciting Christmas preparations, fun, memories and excitement over the coming weeks – its just over 8 weeks to go don’t forget – but for today I wanted to share three exciting things that happened this week. All of which are related to that wonderful festive time of year, Christmas.

Firstly, three days ago it was exactly two months until the day itself, yes TWO months, hooray! In my book it means that it’s now time to officially start the countdown. Like I’ve said I do actually start the countdown sooner but only in my head as no one else really appreciates the level of my excitement that early. Especially when they’re still coming to terms with the summer ending. But now that it’s less than two months away the fun can really begin, yippee! Although sadly I think it’s still too soon for Christmas carols. Although if I pop them on my iPod who would know? Hm, there’s a thought…

Yesterday whilst shopping Laura Randomly Rambles and I came across the perfect Christmas onesies and bought four of them! Why you might ask? Well earlier this year we decided that on Christmas morning when our family open our stockings we should all be wearing something suitable Christmassy! As all of us sisters have been secretly lusting over onesies for a while so that was the garment we decided to go for. So when we saw the blue and white spotted onesies in Primark they just HAD to be purchased! Oh and did I mention the feet feature penguins? Brilliant! Now we just have to find something for Dad to wear, something a little less crazy I think!

The final Christmassy thing that happened this week is that I bought my very first Christmas present, hooray! Yes I know it’s early but in my defence it’s a good plan if you think about it. If I start shopping now I can spread the cost over more paydays and therefore maybe get myself a small present or two sooner! So what was this present you ask? It was a present for my gorgeous god-daughter who seems to have inherited my love for all things Disney. So I’ve bought her the Brave DVD, I’m struggling to think of a better present for a four year old, or a 20-something-old (AKA me)!

So yes that’s my exciting week of Christmas fun, lets hope there are plenty more to come. With only 57 days to go we need to make the most of it!

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