Frankenstein Fancies

Why is it that I’m always a sucker for a seasonal product, you’d think working in marketing that I’d be immune to such things, but no I’m not, not even close! Over the Summer with the Jubilee and Olympics I became obsessed with the red, white and blue peanut m&m’s and couldn’t get enough of them. If they didn’t have the special packs in the shop, I’d have to go elsewhere until I found them – I don’t know why as they tasted the same as the usual ones, but for some reason the ordinary packs wouldn’t do if I knew the special ones were out there somewhere. As for Christmas chocolate if there’s a pile of Aero bubbly Christmas trees next to any till then I’m incredibly lucky if I escape from the store without five in my shopping bag.

And it seems that Halloween goodies reduce my willpower levels to zero as well or at least according to today’s experience they do! Today I was in ASDA picking up just the eight things on my list when I spotted  Mr. Kipling’s Frankenstein Fancies, yes you heard me Frankenstein Fancies. These are French Fancies that are green and in Halloween style cases – OH. EMM. GEE. And yes you’ve guessed it, I couldn’t say no to them; I ended up going off list and buying a pack, oops! In my defence it is only a week to Halloween, so they are in the right season, at least it’s not mid-August, but on the other hand why did I need them? Let’s be honest, they’ll taste the same as the usual pink, brown and yellow ones and its not like I even had a cake craving until I saw them. So why couldn’t I say no? Damn my seasonal product obsession!!

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  1. It'll be mince pies next. :p


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