Baking, videos and disappointing films

So on this week’s lately post I’ve got a lot to reflect on but first let’s start with cake! As let’s be honest that’s one of the most important things in everyone’s world!

1) On Tuesday I had a Great British Bake Off Send Off party with some friends and it was soooo much fun! We all baked different items to share as we watched the final episode of GBBO and what a spread we had! There was pork pies, cheese straws, an eight strand plaited loaf of bread, crackers, chocolate tarts, nutella doughnut muffins, marshmallow cupcakes and a three layer cake – wow!! My contributions to the feast were the multi-seed crackers, which sadly didn’t really ‘crack’ as I wanted them to, and the three layer cake. Now the cake is something that I’m supremely proud of as it was my first even attempt and it went surprisingly well! Each of the layers was a different shade of pink and it ended up being huge, we barely even made a dent in it on the night! To find out how to make the cake, head over to my food blog for all the details.

2) Yesterday Laura Randomly Rambles and I went to see Looper at the cinema. Now this is a film I’ve been looking forward to for ages and ages but we just hadn’t got round to seeing it until now. So to say I had high expectations is an understatement, but I’d heard good things so I didn’t expect to be disappointed  But I was. Don’t get me wrong, the film was brilliant in many ways – the cast, (I have a bit of a thing for Joseph Gordron-Levitt), the premise, the time-travel – but there was one aspect which was to do with telekinesis that I just can’t get past. It just went too far in it’s craziness  plus I don’t think it was needed, it just seemed unnecessary.  I think they could have come up with a different way to tie it all together without going as far as they did. So yes if you’re off to see Looper, I’d say don’t bother.

3) On Friday we had a long overdue catch-up with some family friends and it was so lovely. The other family is my sister’s god-father and his three children, who we realised we hadn’t seen all together for about ten years, and separately for between 3 and 6 years! Which is just craziness when you consider that we used to see each other almost on a monthly basis when we were growing up! Anyway we went to Joe Allen’s for dinner and had a good old catch up and lovely food. If you’ve never been I can highly recommend their burgers (from a secret menu no less!) and I definitely had food envy when it came to the chocolate brownie!

4) I don’t know about everyone else but I’m a little in love with Revenge, it’s such a good show. The final episode of the show is on Monday and I can’t wait as last week’s episode was brilliant  At the very end there was a bit of a shock when Nolan – my favourite character – got attacked and we don’t know what’s happened to him. I only hope Emily saves him and he survives for next series, as I’m not sure I can continue watching it without him in it! I’m not sure what makes Revenge so good, but I do think it’s amazing that they’ve managed to make Emily a likeable character considering all of the evil stuff she does. No easy feat I’m sure.

5) This week I’ve seen two brilliant marketing videos; one for Coke Zero and the other for Bodyform. Both videos are very different but equally fantastic! The first is this video from Bodyform who responded to a post on their Facebook page by a man who complained that companies like theirs had lied about periods, which he was unprepared for when he got a girlfriend. In the video the team at Bodyform explain ‘the truth’ about periods and go on to say Bodyform’s prolific use of skydiving and mountain bike-riding in their adverts was actually metaphorical because men ‘can’t handle the truth’. It’s truly a brilliant video, which makes me laugh out loud multiple times! The second video is from Coke Zero and is part of their partnership with the new James Bond film Skyfall. The video shows activity that they did in a London train station recently, when they gave people the chance to win tickets to Skyfall by ‘unlocking the 007’ in them. Essentially they have to get from one side of the station to another in just 70 seconds to win the tickets, but of course it’s not that simple as all sorts of obstacles are put in their way, everything from oranges spilling across the floor and a dog walker with lots of leads that they get tangled in. It makes absolutely hilarious viewing and is a very simple idea that’s very well executed. 

6) This week I saw my first Christmas advert of the year, which means the Christmas countdown has officially begun,  woohoo, I cannot wait. It’s only 9 weeks on Tuesday and I can’t wait. I love Christmas, what’s not to love? Soon we’ll have time off, Christmas films, log fires, board games, family time, Christmas TV, carols, mince pies, gingerbread, Starbucks red cups, presents, stockings, turkey and decorations. BRING IT ON!

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