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This month I’ve feeling particularly strapped for cash, it’s my own fault as I’ve been splurging a bit too much recently on new clothes. But in my defence I’ve recently lost 31 pounds, so it’s kinda been essential unless I wanted to walk around in pyjamas all the time (Plus it’s great going into clothes shops and choosing two sizes smaller and the clothes actually fitting)! Also could you have said no to this gorgeous squirrel jumper?
Anyway, back to the point of this post. So I’m not allowing myself to splurge at the moment which has inevitably meant that I’ve come across loads and loads of things I want to buy – why does it always happen that way?! So to ensure that I don’t forget what I want to buy for when I lift this self-imposed credit card ban I thought I’d share my current coveted items.
So first off we have Russian doll kitchenware. Now I love this stuff and have various items already (the measuring spoons and cups) but the other day while mooching around Covent Garden I found that they do storage jars, a carafe, a timer and mini salt and pepper pots in the same range. So now I can’t stop thinking about them because, of course, they’d look perfect in my kitchen. 
I’m a big fan of Rob Ryan and love everything he does, but sadly the only Rob Ryan item I own is this gorgeous notebook, thanks to my lovely sister Lau aka LauraRandomlyRambles.But whilst perusing, as I like to do to torture myself on a lunch hour, I came across this stunning blue vase with the words ‘Please Smell Us’ on and oh I fell in love, big time! It’s just so beautiful and much nicer than the glass ones I own, especially considering I never got flowers so plain glass vases without pretty flowers end up looking rubbish out on display!

As we move further into the Autumn I’m realising that I have no warm clothes, I currently only have one coat, a faux leather jacket which won’t be that practical for much longer and I only own a couple of warm jumpers. So when I cam across this gorgeous studded jumper I knew I’d struggle not to buy it. So far I’m resisting but I fear it’s only a matter of time until this gorgeous, snuggly, studded jumper makes it’s way into my wardrobe. It’d be perfect for the upcoming months and go with everything after all!

Now I’m aware that pumps and autumn don’t really mix, but these cat pumps are too adorable not too own, I’m sure they’d keep my feet snuggly too, right? Let’s just hope that I don’t go via an Accessorize in the distant future, as I’m not sure my shopping ban would last much longer!
So that’s my current coveted items, I promise to update you if I end up purchasing any of them and let’s be honest with my track record of willpower, it’s bound to happen sooner or later….
-Fi x
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