Sunday Lately

Phew, what a week – thank goodness it’s Sunday! I feel like I’ve barely stopped, not that I’m complaining as I’ve had a fantastic few days but gosh I’m knackered! So I’ve now been writing this blog for a week and I thought it was worth creating a weekly post which will allow me to reflect on everything I’ve been up to – or at the very least it’ll make me post on a regular basis. So for my inaugural round up post I’m discussing food, London and spending money on stuff you don’t need. I think this will probably be a common occurrence!

1) An introduction to cheese fondue -on Thursday I met up with a uni friend for a bit of a girlie catch up and we decided to try this random fondue place on Wardour Street called, St Moritz. Now I’ve never had fondue, so this was my first fondue experience and OH MY GOD it’s amazing. How have I never had this amazing concoction before?! After some serious deliberation we went for a wine, Gruyère, elemental and wild mushroom fondue with some deliciously crusty bread and it was simply amazing. I sort of wish I had found some willpower though as I ate an awful lot, possibly enough for a family of four but a lovely walk around London after dinner soon solved that problem – I do love London at night.

2) HMV love – last weekend I was in Sheffield for 24 hours and I somehow managed to reawaken my love for HMV. It’s the sort of place that I go into for a browse around and half an hour later I leave with 6 items and £30 less in my purse, I don’t know what happens! This time my haul was a bunch of DVD’s (Breaking Bad Series 1, The A-Team and Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and Lana Del Ray’s album, having never listened to or watched any of the films or the CD before I’m quite looking forward to a quiet weekend where I can have some serious sofa time with a bowl of Butterkist popcorn!

3) Messing about on the river – that’s what I did yesterday with some of my family. We caught the Thames Clipper from the London Eye down to Greenwich and back and headed up to the Royal Observatory. Even with the numerous tourists on the boats there’s something so wonderful about travelling on the river, I think it’s seeing everything from a different perspective. Plus it’s fascinating to see the old and new all nestled together. Imagine if that was your commute, it beats my methods of walking and the bus!

4) Rainbow cakes – I’ve spent most of the week researching different types of layered cakes, everything from how to decorate them, how many layers to do, how to dye the cake and what colour to choose (rainbow or ombre). The reason for this is our Great British Bake Off Send Off on Tuesday, which involves four of us making different things from the series and I’ve chosen to make a layered celebration cake! It’s been great fun scouring the internet for different ideas, it was this recipe which I found on Pinterest that got me started on the idea but I won’t be making this exact cake as I think the sprinkles will be a bit much for me! However, I have finally decided that my cake will have three different layers of pink cake, all in different shades. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a flash of inspiration about the decoration!

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