A mammoth to-do list

Why is that when you have a to-do list a mile long you’re unable to focus and get things down? Today is a prime example of this as my to-do list currently looks like this:

  • Go to the gym
  • Wash clothes
  • Change my bedding
  • Put 30 things on eBay
  • Do some brainstorming for work
  • Make 48 crackers
  • Make a triple layer ombré cake
  • Clean the house

So considering this epic to-do list you’d assume I’d be up and about as soon as I woke up. But no even though I awoke at 5.30, yes cheers loud drink singing upstairs neighbour – I really appreciated that!, I have yet to get cracking on this list.

So far distractions have come in the form of other people’s blogs, my latest book and Sky Plus episodes of Castle and Modern Family. So five hours after I woke up I’m finally getting dressed and headed to the gym and supermarket with a shopping list of cake ingredients. The big question is will I get distracted by anything else before I walk out the door? Fingers crossed I don’t!

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