It seems only apt that my first ‘proper’ post on my brand spanking new blog should be about chocolate, my all time favourite food! Now as you’ll be aware if you read any of my future blog posts I have a BIT of a sweet tooth. In fact I think I’d find it hard to go even one day without chocolate, not that I’d ever try that! When it comes to chocolate I’m not really that fussy, in fact I’ll give most things a go at least once, unless it’s got coconut in, I’m sorry but that’s just wrong! But so far, even with all the chocolate I’ve tried in my almost 28 years (which must have been a lot) there is always a top 5 that can’t be breached. This top five chocolate treats list goes a little something like this:

  1. Peanut m&m’s – I’ve been known to eat an entire cinema sized pack in one sitting! Once the packs opened there’s no way I can stop chomping!
  2. Giant Chocolate Buttons – these must be really cold having just come out of the fridge, no other kind will do!
  3. Galaxy Minstrels – the smooth milky chocolate is amazing as it melts on your tongue, yummy!
  4. Toffee Crisp – My fail-safe chocolate bar selection, when you just need the satisfaction of the bite into a chocolate bar
  5. m&m’s – As much as I love the peanut version, sometimes I get a real craving for the plain kind.
However, I fear the time might have come for me to amend this list as I’ve just heard that Cadbury’s – the god of all things chocolate – are launching a brand new bar: Cadbury’s Oreo Chocolate. Wow a combination of two of my favourite sweet treats all in one tasty bar that when out of the fridge will crack so beautifully. I mean seriously how come Cadbury’s have only just thought of this?!?!?! This is my dream chocolate bar, well apart from their fruit and nut and mint bubbly bars, I honestly can’t believe they haven’t done it sooner!!! It sounds like the most amazing bar ever and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Although I am concerned what this could do to my top five chocolate treats list, I’m not sure I can bear losing m&m’s off the bottom of it! Anywho I’ll keep you updated on what happens with my chocolate treat list as soon as I’ve tasted this scrumptious sounding chocolate bar!

-Fi x

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